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One Night Stand Movie Review

Posted by admin On 05 Apr,2016 12:15 pm

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One Night Stand: A Film that lacks Proper Script and Interesting Narration

Cast: Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani
Director: Jasmine Moses D'souza
Producer: Pradeep Sharma, Furquan Khan
Music: Jeet Gannguli, Meet Bros, Tony Kakkar, Vivek Kar
Cinematography: Rakesh Singh
Production company: Swiss Entertainment
Distributed by Prime Focus Limited
One Night Stand is the story of  Urvil (Tanuj Virwani) is an event organizer who happens to meet Celina (Sunny Leone) and excessive alchol consumption lands them on to the bed that night. However Celina leaves the room without any leaving any clue about her. Urvil comes back to Pune and starts living with his wife Simran (Nyra Banerjee). Things change completely when Urvil happens to meet Celina after which he becomes desperate to meet her again and again. The rest of the movie is about his hunt for Celina and what happens next.

The first half of One Night Stand lives up to the expectations completely as the movie has been filled with fresh and breezy romance. The dose of glamour has been decent and Sunny has been projected well. The movie gets quite interesting during Urvil’s hunt for Celina and the interval episodes elevate the movie well. On the whole the complete first half has been engaging, interesting and entertaning. 
The second half of One Night Stand has been completely dragged as the most of the plot has been discussed during the first half. Many unnecessary episodes killed the flavor of the film. The pre-climax episodes catch pace but they could not help to elevate the film. The climax has been completely simple and predictable which kills the entire movie. 

Sunny Leone has been completely seductive and sensuous throughout the movie and she has done a decent job throughout the movie. Her glamorous acts are the only highlights of the film. Tanuj Virwani has been decent in the assigned role and he performed the character of Urvil with ease. All the other actors have been decent with their assigned roles. 
The story of One Night Stand has been decent and simple. The screenplay and the dialogues are the major spoilers of the film and the complete second half is the major reason for the film’s let down. The music and the background score have been decent and so is the cinematography. The production values have been good enough and director failed to come out with an impressive second half which is crucial for a film like One Night Stand.

Sunny Leone
Romantic Episodes
First Half
Music and Cinematography
Second Half
Screenplay and dialogues
Dragged Climax

Rating: 2/5

Final Word: 
One Night Stand is one more debacle of Sunny Leone that offers nothing except a glamorous treat from the actress. A well written second half would have fetched decent results. 

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