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Main Aur Charles Movie Review - Too Much Realistic Drama

Posted by admin On 23 Nov,2015 08:28 pm

Main Aur Charles Too Much Realistic Drama

Star Cast:

Directed by PrawalRaaman

Produced by Raju Chadda, Amit Kapoor, VikramKhakhar

Cast:RandeepHooda, Adil Hussain, RichaChadda, Tisca Chopra and Alexx

Cinematography by Anuj Rakesh Dhawan

Edited by Nipun Gupta

Produced by Wave Cinemas and CynozureNetworkz

Runtime: 125 minutes


Main Aur Charles is the life story of notorious serial killer Charles Shobraj who created huge sensation during 90s. RandeepHooda played the lead role as Charles Shobraj in the movie whih has been directed by PrawalRaaman. The first look trailer of the movie created huge sensation all over and is one of the most awaited films this year. Here is the complete review of Main Aur Charles.


Main Aur Charles is about the real life story of serial killer Charles Shobraj who rose to fame during the 1980s. He has even been named as the Bikini Killer and had relations with many girls in his life. The movie explains about some interesting episodes of his life like his escape from Thailand and his relation with Robert (Alex O Nell) and Meera Sharma (RichaChadda). AmodKanth (Adil Hussain) is the cop who aspired the most to catch Charles Shobraj. Watch the movie to know about the unknown things that happened in the life of this serial killer.


RandeepHooda who has been hunting for characters that have scope for performing has done a stupendous role as Charles Shobraj. He has completely outstanding though initially the body language has not been acceptable; we will completely fall in love with the actor and his presence. Adil Hussain is one more highlight of the film as cop and he elevates some of the episodes with his performance. Richa Chadda as Meera Sharma has been limited screen role but her character has been well written and executed well. All the others have been good with their roles.

Technical Values:

The music and the background score have been apt and sound technically. Some of the episodes have been well executed. The cinematography has been terrific and is the highlight of Main Aur Charles. The story of the movie has been realistic and the dialogues have been well written. The production values have been sound. The director has been decent with the execution but too much realistic episodes and narration spoil the mood of the film.


First half


Cinematography and Background Score

Interesting Plot

Production Values


Second Half

Slow Narration

No Entertainment


The first half of Main Aur Charles has been decent with good and interesting episodes. The narration has been good and the performances by the lead actors take the film to the next level. On the whole the complete first half has been interesting which makes the audience feel impressive with the needed episodes that make them curious.

The second half of the film gets killed because of the slow and boring narration. Some of the episodes have been completely realistic which spoil the pace of the movie. The pre climax episodes have been dragged too much and a simple climax end up making the film below average.


Main Aur Charles has scope of turning it out into a blockbuster but the movie dips down because of the confused and let down second half. RandeepHooda and Adi Hussain excels in their characters.

Rating: 2.5/5

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