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Sonam Kapoor’s Sensational Comments on Aamir Khan

Posted by admin On 12 Dec,2015 03:19 pm

The whole country has been busy criticizing Aamir Khan for his comments on Intolerance India. Our people kept him trending for a week among the social networking sites and even Aamir Khan came down and explained about his comments. But the hatred towards Aamir did not come down. Even many Bollywood celebrities came down and expressed their dissatisfaction for Aamir Khan and his controversial comments.

Talented actress Sonam Kapoor has come up with her view on Intolerant India. She said “Intolerance is a broad word. I have been hurt across many countries because of racism. People decide about the person when they come across a dark skinned person which is surprising. We have many religions, cultures and languages in our country. It’s always difficult to speaking healthy impressing everyone. I feel it’s quite challenging”.

Speaking about Aamir Khan, “Aamir has already given his way of explanation about his statement. If he is talking about something, it doesn’t mean that he is against the country. Aamir opened up and revealed his view, the complete country turned against him and can anyone think if Aamir will express his views in the coming future. I completely support Aamir Khan and his views”.

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