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Shahid Quits Smoking-Thanks Mira Rajput

Posted by admin On 21 Dec,2015 06:22 pm

Young actor Shahid Kapoor is now having a fabulous time in his career and in his personal life. He has been lined up with various big movies and he recently got married to a delhi based girl Mira Rajput. The couple has been a huge sensation when they make a public appearance as people are just amazed with the presence of the couple. They have been making a terrific show all over and they have been trending throughout the social networking circles.

The latest news is that Shahid’s wife Mira Rajput got him rid of his bad habit smoking. Shahid has been a chain smoker for a while and he has been spotted with a cigarette every now and then with which Mira has not been happy.

Mira convinced Shahid that she likes him better without smoking which made him think much and quit smoking. Shahid managed to reduce smoking slowly and he has finally given up cigarettes.

Sources say that Shahid who was a non-smoker got addicted to it after he had a breakup with Kareena Kapoor to overcome the mental stress. Though his friends and well-wishers warned him, Shahid got addicted to cigarettes soon after his break up. Well done Mira.

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