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RGV Dedicates his Autobiography to a Pornstar

Posted by admin On 26 Nov,2015 06:45 pm

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma was a sensation with his films during his initial days. But all his recent movies have been made up with repeated content which ruined his image. Hence RGV decided to stay up in the news by involving in controversy. He is chosen twitter to criticize his fellow technicians, actors and politicians to keep trending all over.

He has written his autobiography titled ‘Guns and Thighs’ recently which created huge buzz all over. He already announced that the book has all the secrets about his secret affairs. But stepping ahead now, he dedicated Guns and Thighs to a pornstar Tori Black. He also dedicated the book to Ayn Rand, Urmila, Bruce Lee, Amitabh Bachchan and few other gangsters.

Sources reveal that Varma has revealed many inner secrets about his relations with the underworld when he stayed in Mumbai. He also thanked all the above people for influencing him in some way in his life to achieve great heights

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