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Five Possible Reasons for Ranbir - Katrina Breakup

Posted by admin On 02 Feb,2016 10:36 am

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Love Birds Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been in a deep relationship for over 5 years and the duo has been staying together from a year in a beach faced pent house in Bandra, Mumbai. Suddenly, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif broke up leaving everyone in surprise and confused. What went exactly wrong between the couple and the how old has been the drift and what are the reasons for their break up. Here is an exclusive analysis on their breakup:

The Kapoor’s family was not at all interested in Katrina Kaif making her entry as Ranbir’s wife except Ranbir’s dad Rishi Kapoor. Though Neetu and the other family members could not oppose Ranbir’s choice directly, they have shown their discomforts and hatred towards Katrina many times revealed sources.

Ranbir Kapoor who loved Katrina to the peaks was not interested to take their relationship further though Katrina argued with him about their marriage. Ranbir was not at all serious about the word marriage and he replied several times with a funny smile.

It was after Katrina’s entry, Ranbir’s career has come down. He has been struggling for success from the past few years and Ranbir who was discussed to be the future Superstar failed in reaching the expectations of the audience. His well-wishers always revealed that Katrina is the reason behind his failures which even made Ranbir think about it.

Katrina Kaif promoted her upcoming film Fitoor on Big Boss 9 for which Ranbir Kapoor opposed badly. Even after warning her, Katrina was in no mood to take a step back promoting her film on Salman’s show. Along with this, her recent interactions with Salman several times made Ranbir pissed off say sources.

 Ranbir and Deepika share a special bonding on screen and their recent outing Tamasha reveals their chemistry on screen. The duo promoted the film extensively all over and they even celebrated the film’s success all over which was not liked by Kat.

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