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Reasons for Katrina’s Breakup with Ranbir

Posted by admin On 18 Jan,2016 04:29 pm

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Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have been in a relationship from quite some time. Though they remained tight lipped when asked about their relation, they have been spotted at various locations across the globe which added strength to the rumours about the couple.

Ranbir and Katrina have taken their relationship further by moving to a posh locality in Bandra. The couple have been staying together from the past six months. There are lot of rumours that Ranbir and Katrina have now parted away and we have found out the real reaons for the couple’s breakup:

Katrina has been asking about their marriage but Ranbir never responded about it. He has been delaying it and Katrina who has been quite disturbed fought with Ranbir over this. Katrina wanted to take their relationship to the next step by marrying Ranbir but he had a completely different view about this.

There were lot of rumors that Deepika Padukone remained close to Ranbir during the shoot and promotions of Tamasha, but this was not the real reason says sources. Deepika has been clear and straight forward towards Ranbir and Katrina was always happy with Deepika Padukone’s relation with Ranbir Kapoor.

Katrina Kaif felt that Ranbir Kapoor who is professionally pefect was not honest for personal commitments. He could not convince Katrina Kaif about this.

Ranbir’s mom Neethu Kapoor was not happy with Ranbir’s relation with Katrina right from the first day. She seriously opposed Ranbir in moving out from his home and she even revealed that the couple will part ways soon and her son would return back.

After Katrina was seriously discussing about their marriage, Ranbir stayed calm and when things went beyond his hands, he decided to step out from their relation. Katrina was badly hurt about his decision and to come out of this, she has been making her presence.

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