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This Is Why Ranveer Singh Hiked His Remuneration Heavily?

Posted by admin On 21 Apr,2016 11:27 am

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That Ranveer Singh's career has gone to the another next level after the epic Bajirao Mastani movie is very clear for all to see. The energetic actor has now hiked his remuneration, reportedly to double of what it used to be.

But, over and above his remuneration for his movies, Ranveer Singh has also upped his fee for his brand endorsements and his stage shows.

In fact, this year awards season Ranveer made a killing with his live energetic performances.

According to the one of the B-town sources, "Ranveer Singh charged Rs. 2.2 crores, a little less than what Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan charges, for every stage performance. And since Ranveer Singh performed at almost every stage performance this awards season, we can easily figure out how much money he has earned through his live stage shows at the awards functions this year."

Says a source in the know, B-town Bajirao ’s equity has "shot through the sky" after magnum opus Bajirao Mastani.

These are all the reasons why he has increased his remuneration.

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