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Jai Gangaajal Hit with Censor Problems

Posted by admin On 04 Jan,2016 03:20 pm

Priyanka Hit with Censor Problems

Prakash Jha has been famous to awaken the people with his films which are completely based on the regular problems that people face in the society. He scored massive hits in his career and after an impressive movie Gangaajal, he is now back with the sequel titled Jai Gangaajal.

The interesting thing is that Priyanka Chopra replaced Ajay Devgan to play the lead role in the movie and the recently released theatrical trailer shot fame and is widely praised all over. Priyanka Chopra played a powerful cop in this action drama which has been produced by Prakash Jha.

The movie has been approached to censor and the members of the censor board awarded with ‘A’ certificate suggesting minimal cuts. But Director was not happy with the proceedings and he wanted U/A certificate with cuts. There has been a hot argument between the members and the director regarding the certification.

Prakash Jha felt A certificate would sure affect as the audience will be restricted. Finally the members of the censor board suggested several changes after which he made up again for re-censor with the changes.

The censor board finally awarded the movie with U/A certificate. This movie director is also in plans to take Jai Gangaajal to the CBFC’s Tribunal to appeal regarding the suggested cuts. Prakash Jha Productions produced the movie on Prakash Jha Productions. The movie has been slated for a wide release on March 4th all over.

Manav Khaul, Rahul Bhatt and Queen Harish played the other important roles along with Prakash Jha in an important role which is crucial for the film. Priyanka Chopra will be seen as SP Abha Mathur and the whole film takes place in Bankipur District, Bihar. The movie has been shot exclusively in Bhopal. Film Director Jha is quite confident on the success of the movie.

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