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Parineeti Squashes Rumors about her Figure

Posted by admin On 23 Dec,2015 06:59 pm

Bubbly actress Parineeti Chopra made enough impact in Bollywood with her energetic performance in her movies. She has been bubbly and looked bulky on screen after which she worked out a lot and lost huge weight.

Parineeti surprised everyone in her recent photoshoot that she looked completely lean and fit. All those who criticized her overweight have left Parineeti in praises for which she has been quite delighted. Along with these, there are strong rumors that she has lost weight to endorse International products and some of her producers asked her to lose weight.

Responding to these she said “I am endorsing being thin and I wanted to lose weight to look fit and sexy. I am glad that my hard work is visible. Everyone is now praising my new look and will continue to keep myself fit and lean. I have not signed any new movies and I am listening to scripts. Will reveal about my future projects soon”.

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