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Angry Arbaaz Khan Series Tweets About his Divorce Rumours

Posted by admin On 18 Feb,2016 10:05 am

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Previously there were various rumours about Bollywood most ideal couple Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan's splitting. Various shocking stories came out about their divorce which shocked everyone, but the duo never reacted on these stories and they preferred to be silent. But finally Arbaaz Khan expressed his displeasure over the gossip's spread about his marriage life.

In a series of tweets he lashed out against them who spread unwanted news and to put an end to the seemingly endless rumours. He wrote, "Stop frickin reading too much into mine and malaika's Instagram pictures and speculating about our marriage and writing s**t everyday...It's not my work or films you are talking about, it's my personal life and marriage and we owe no one any explanations so back off !!!..." He further added, "l Will talk about my personal life if and when I want to so mind your own business and stop speculating, It shouldn't be hard to understand..."

If we clearly look at his responses, he never denied the divorce rumours spread. He just asked people to stay away from his personal and marriage life. Meanwhile, Malaika is still silent and the actresses neither denied nor accepted the divorce rumours. It is also heard that she is dating a UK-based businessman.

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