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Is RGV Really Perverted?

Posted by admin On 02 Dec,2015 05:00 pm

Versatile Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has been targeting celebrities and is making weird comments to stay in news. All his recent movies failed to impress the film lovers and critics say that RGV has been basing on twitter to reach the audience and keep trending. After many controversies, he released his autobiography Guns and Thighs in which he mentioned about veteran actress Sridevi’s thighs. RGV expressed his fascination on the actress and her thighs.

An unstoppable Varma even stepped ahead and revealed that ‘Guns and Thighs’ is a love letter to Sridevi from his side. This did not go well and has created enough stir all over. An angry Boney Kapoor stated “Ram Gopal Varma has gone over his limits and he has gone bonkers. He is now completely perverted and is crazy. He is making these weird comments to be in news”. It’s really a cheap stunt for RGV to express or describe about an actress which may not make her comfortable.

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