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CBI Reveals Shocking Facts about Jiah Khan's Suicide

Posted by admin On 10 Dec,2015 05:45 pm

Bollywood young actress Jiah Khan committed suicide which happened to be a huge sensation in 2013. The young and promising actress has been found hanging herself in her apartment in Juhu, Mumbai. It’s already known that the actress has been in a deep relationship with actor Sooraj Pancholi, the son of actor Aditya Pancholi.

There were rumors that the actress has been aborted some days before she has committed suicide. CBI has filed a charge sheet and some interesting facts have been revealed:

Jiah was four weeks pregnant and she shared the news with Sooraj who was her alleged boyfriend. The duo approached a doctor who prescribed some medicines but they did not turn out for abortion.

After this Sooraj and Jiah approached a gynecologist who prescribed some effective drugs. During this time, Jiah faced tough times as she was under medical stress and wanted Sooraj by her side. Instead Sooraj called up the doctor but he did not turn out.

During the process of haemorrhaging, Sooraj was completely worried if the actress would be hospitalized which will become a news and spoil his career. Soora has taken things personally and he extracted the foetus and he disposed it in the toilet.

Sooraj slowly started avoiding Jiah which disturbed her emotionally and she has been completely worried which led to depression.

After these circumstances, Jiah Khan decided to hang her and commit suicide

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