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Bollywood Leading Actress who Smoke in Real Life

Posted by admin On 21 Oct,2015 05:04 pm

Well all know that Smoking is injurious to health but most of us never try to quit smoking. Smoking has become the common habit and now a day’s woman also started smoking. In most of the Bollywood films we have seen actors and actresses smoking on screen but there are few actresses who have the habit of smoking in real life to. Most of them smoke secretly to avoid being caught on the camera as they are celebrities, but in most of the occasion they have been caught on cameras. Here is the list of Bollywood actresses who smoke in real life to.


Sushmita Sen:


Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is a smoker in real life too, she has been seen smoking in public places many times. The hot beauty tried to quit smoking but she could not and yet she maintained a perfect physique with yoga.



Rani Mukherjee:


The Bollywood stunning beauty Rani Mukherjee would not think of her day without a cigarette. She even smoke in sets regularly between her scenes and it has become must for her.



Konkona Sen Sharma:


Konkana is a chain smoker in her real life and she even admitted it in an interview. She also revealed that during her first pregnancy she tried very hard not to smoke but she could not.




Manisha Koirala:


Manisha Koirala once a top leading actress in Bollywood smokes in real life. She is a chain smoker and even could not get rid of cigarette even on her wedding day. On her wedding occasion she was spotted smoking in her wedding dress with a group of friends.




Kangana Ranaut:


Kangana Ranaut one of the leading actress who was seen smoking onscreen many time is a smoker in real life to. She is chain smoker and alcoholic in real life and never feels shy to fulfil her desire.



Amisha Patel:


The hot Bollywood actress Amisha Patel is also a smoker in real life and she was seen with cigarettes on public places and media events.



Preity Zinta:


Preity Zinta who looks gorgeous on screen is a smoker in real life and she can even smoke rings too.


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