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Bollywood Actors From Nothing to Stars

Posted by admin On 20 Jan,2016 10:05 am

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Most of the latest generation stars of Bollywood have born with golden spoon. But not everyone in Bollywood industry belongs to a star family, below are few top stars who initially faced many problems to become a super hero of Bollywood film industry.


Amitabh Bachchan: The god of Bollywood Industry was initially rejected by AIP for his voice. He even slept on the benches of Marine drive for several nights.


Akshay Kumar: Akshay came into industry without any support and he had only aimed to be an actor. He worked as a waiter and dishwasher in Bangkok and he even changes his name from Rajiv Bhatia to Akshay Kumar, with his hard work and talent he became the super star of Bollywood.


Shahrukh Khan: The King Khan of Bollywood established himself in the industry with his hard work and talent.


Kangana Ranaut: Initially Kangana’s parents were against her profession and the actress was born in a strict Rajput family in Himachal. She struggled very hard and used to eat only bread and aachar with her insufficient earnings.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Bollywood versatile actor was grown up in a small town of Muzaffarnagar. Nawazuddin before entering to Bollywood worked as a chemist for about a year, worked as a watchman and he even done many odd jobs for his living.


Boman Irani: Very talented actor of Bollywood Boman Irani used to work as a waiter at The Taj Hotel before becoming an actor. He also got into the family’s bakery business and worked in the shop.


Randeep Hooda: Randeep worked hard for his living before becoming an actor. He had done many odd jobs, worked in a Chinese restaurant, cleaned tables and drove a taxi for almost two years and even washed cars as well.


Mallika Sherawat: The sex symbol of Bollywood Mallika came from a small district of Haryana and she belongs to Jat family. The actress name was Reema Lamba but she changed her name as Mallika Sherawat.


Neha Dhupia: The former beauty queen first job is to help models with their shoes backstage.


Irrfan Khan: The super talented actor of Bollywood was once refused to get any pay from the producers for his work as the producers felt his work doesn’t deserve any pay.

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