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Aamir Talks About his Latest Controversy

Posted by admin On 07 Jan,2016 06:16 pm

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Mr Perfect Aamir Khan is not a happy man these days. His recent comments on Intolerant India created a huge stir all over the country and the actor lost his reputation as being Mr Perfect. His last film PK directed by Rajkumar Hirani ended up as the biggest blockbuster in the history of Indian cinema by grossing over Rs 900 crores.

Aamir has been invited for a debate in which he revealed that India is not safe and his wife even asks him to move abroad. It almost took a month to calm down and the latest controversy is that Dangal Khan has been removed as the Brand Ambassador of Incredible India.

Rumors started spreading that Aamir Khan has been removed as Brand Ambassador which became a huge sensation. However the Tourism Ministry came out revealing that Aamir has not been removed from the role but it was his contract that ended. Aamir has been serving as the Brand endorsement for Incredible India from over a decade.

Speaking about this Aamir Khan revealed saying “It has been an honour and a pleasure for me to be the Brand Ambassador for the Incredible India campaign for the past 10 years. I was happy to be of service to my country, and will always be available for it”.

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