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Aamir Gets Flight Tickets for Pakistan

Posted by admin On 27 Nov,2015 05:12 pm

Seems like Aamir has lost the complete charm with a single controversy which is keeping him still trending all over. After a high drama for his controversial comments, Aamir received huge heat and the list of his haters got raised to an unexpected level. Though he stepped out to explain and control the consequences, nothing has been changed as expected.

After a series of police cases, summons from the court, abuses, attack on his endorsed brands and threats, now Aamir receives a new shock as Aamir and his family has been sent tickets to Pakistan. Going into the news, a journalist based in Delhi tweeted flight tickets to Aamir Khan, his wife Kiran Rao and his son Aazad Rao representing a Hindu group Hindu Sena which is based in New Delhi.

The tickets have been booked from Mumbai and the destination has been Islamabad, Pakistan. Aamir has revealed that his wife has been feeling not secured in the country in a debate recently which made up the issue. 

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